Clark County Shooting Complex Range Rules

These rules must be followed while using this range:

  • All range users and shooters are personally responsible for range safety and safe shooting.
  • All range users and shooters are responsible to immediately correct any unsafe condition.
  • Immediately report any unsafe condition to a Safety Officer.
  • First time shooters must watch the safety video before shooting.
  • All shooting is to be into the backstops only.
  • Firearm will be cased and uncased, holstered and un-holstered only at the shooting benches.
  • Muzzles will be kept pointed downrange at all times.
  • Do not point your firearm at anyone.
  • Black powder firearms will not be charged from powder flask or powder can.
  • Black powder containers will not be on the shooting tables when firing.
  • All persons in the range area must wear ear and eye protection.
  • Anyone may call a “cease fire” if an unsafe condition occurs.
  • When instructed to “cease fire” shooters will immediately stop shooting, unload their firearms, and place them on the shooting table and stand behind the yellow safety line until given further instructions.
  • Firearms will not be touched nor handled during “cease fire-range safe” period.
  • No shooting at unauthorized targets.
  • Authorized targets are determined by the Rangemaster.
  • .50BMG shooting is at the 200-yard range only.
  • Class III firearms will be benched or tripod mounted while shooting.
  • Phosphorous based tracer ammunition is prohibited.
  • No shooting at target frames. A replacement fee will be assessed for deliberately shooting frames.
  • Deposit all trash in containers and cigarette butts in appropriate receptacles.
  • Respect others and their equipment.
  • Parents are responsible for their children at all times.
  • Pregnant shooters are advised against being exposed to firing line noise.
  • All shooters are advised not to smoke or eat while shooting, and to wash their hands before they leave the range.
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on the range. Persons who have been consuming alcohol or are under the influence of drugs are prohibited from shooting.
  • Shooting Complex Rules are available at the main office.
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